Our History


When I heard one of Charlottesville’s longtime pharmacies was about to close and make way for a retail chain, I immediately became concerned and disappointed.  Not only was this the pharmacy I was using, but I knew many of their customers and patients personally.  Many of Meadowbrook’s patients were elderly, and relied on their specialty services such as deliveries and compounding.  Area physicians and dentists also relied on these services quite frequently.

As of May 2017, we decided that Top Notch will continue to offer the same premium pharmacy experience everyone is accustomed to.  But not only that; let’s improve upon what we already have.  More selection.  Broader delivery scope.  Shorter wait times.  State of the art technology & security.  New standards of quality and professionalism by a familiar friendly staff.  Health & nutritional coaching & consulting services.  And now, introducing a comprehensive variety of nutritional supplements and home medical equipment.  Don’t worry though; the quirky front store gifts, cards, and toys that everyone has come to know are not going anywhere.  I would like to welcome you to our family and encourage you to make Top Notch your hometown pharmacy.

Christian Argie
Owner, Top Notch Group